About Us

Prime Law Firm

Prime Law Firm is a corporate law firm with local, regional and international presence powered by a team of higher caliber lawyers led by senior native partners practicing in different countries and Jurisdiction providing uuncompromised advice while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

We built our reputation on straightforward transparent approach, constantly striving to offer each client the most practical and effective legal advice possible. Our strength is in our collaborative approach that utilizes the various specialities and strengths of each lawyer in the team. 

The team consists of several nationalities that speak Arabic, English, German, Italian and French, enabling the firm to handle cases locally and globally providing better professional and highly effective precise legal services.


One of our Firm’s greatest strengths is its commitment to three fundamental values that are essential in achieving and providing the highest standards of legal services, setting the positive atmosphere and excellent relations with clients, courts, and other institutions. 

Prime concern, our clients

Our team is client-focused and dedicated to achieving our clients’ main objectives. Their concerns and requirements are prime and so is winning their cases. Our staff are selected and trained to value quality, professionalism and confidentiality, our job is to identify, understand, and manage the legal risks facing our clients, to protect their interests, and to enhance their competitiveness. 

Uncompromised Integrity 

We do not compromise our principles. Our Clients information is kept in the strictest confidence and most certainly avoid any conflicts of interest. When engaging our Firm, the client can be truly assured that the Firm will work only in the client’s best interest. 

Recognize the importance 

We recognize the importance of providing superior services. Lawyers at our Firm recognise the intensity and magnitude of winning cases to our clients, thus expending time and energy to fully understand the needs of each client, identify the relevant issues, and keep the clients informed of the changes and most importantly winning the case. 

Quality Legal Services

The Firm prides itself on providing quality legal services to its clients, we achieve this through a combination of talents, experience, commitment and hard work. To deliver consistently higher standard of service, Lawyers must understand business itself and to do this, our lawyers tend to stay abreast of the corporate, commercial and industry trends. Most of our seniors served for many years as executives of substantial businesses; the advantage to a client is two-fold. At Prime Law we are Proud to say that we know our market very well and are proud to be regularly involved in ground breaking developments that shape the region’s business environment.