Founding Managing Partner

Mr. Bahseer demonstrated an excellent understanding of the issues at hand and integrity in dealing with us as a client, always explaining the risk involved and the pros and cons of any issues being discussed.  His legal knowledge and skills are beyond question.

Basheer Abu Awwad is a leading advisor in engineering and construction law. He acts for developers, founders, contractors, major sub-contractors and consultants across the entire commercial development spectrum

Basheer Abu Awwad undertakes contract drafting and amendments and advises on procurement methodology as well as on bond, guarantee, warranty and insurance documentation. In the UAE market, he advises extensively on the FIDIC model forms of constructor contracts and consultant appointments.

He represents clients in all aspects of dispute resolution, including in court, in arbitration, conciliation, mediation and adjudication, both on shore and internationally. He specializes in time, cost and quality issues, including delay and penalty damages, extensions of time, loss and expense, variation, payment and final account claims and in relation to design and workmanship failures, defects and maintenance period matters.